I started training with Gabriel Lagunas, Holy Fit, in March of 2015.  I personally know and seen that if anyone truly desires to make a fitness difference in their life, Gabriel Lagunas advocates goals to become reality.  I started at 26% body fat and now I am currently at 12%!


I have had such a vast experience with Gabriel.  He has taught me the importance of fitness through all spectrums.  From teaching me to count my macros, qualities of food products, how to have proper form while lifting weights, and the list goes on.


Before I started online training one of my concerns was being long distance and not seeing him in person every day at the gym.  Yet, Gabriel took all those concerns away.  We communicate every single day!  Even on weekends.  In fact, I have traveled out of the country on serval occasions and I stay right on track with my regimen. I love that, because he genuinely cares, he loves helping people, and most importantly he is my accountability.  Having someone to encourage you, check up on you, being a positive role model, and actually does what he preaches is unquestionable inspiring.


Gabriel’s structure in joining Holy Fit is super simple.  He offers many components in making my daily fitness life and goals attainable.  From viewing his personal videos on form, list of healthy clean foods, private Facebook group, and much much more!


I will perhaps be a member of Holy Fit for life.  Some days are easier than others but, its a lifestyle.  I was willing to put in the time, hard work, and sweat, for my goals.  Gabriel is willing to be a fantastic guidance: WIN - WIN combo!!!  

                                                       Jeannie L.

Gabriel helped me on a lot of my training by explaining to me in detail, where I could understand it on my workout and nutrition. Thanks young man, for the positive attitude and giving me knowledge in fitness. Gabe was always checking in with me during my training, that's what motivated me during the process. I made changes pretty quick, and was super happy with his work ethics. I highly recommend him for your fitness goals. Thanks Gabe!

                                                           Senon C.

My name is Randy Powell and I am a certified group instructor with 10 years of experience. I would spend countless hours in the gym every week and my body never changed. I could not understand why I could not get the results that I desired. In talking with one of my friends he recommended that I contact Gabe Lagunas from Holy Fit. I bit the bullet and called. It was the best phone call I have ever made. Gabe set up a time for us to meet and discuss my goals. He made me feel very comfortable from our first conservation. He listened to me and before our meeting was over assured me that he had a program that would help me achieve my goals. After thinking on it overnight I called him the next day and hired him for his online training program.


   The first part of the program consisted of a grocery list of what to eat as well as healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to follow and make. The second part was daily exercises based on what I wanted to achieve. He made the process easy to understand and was only a phone call away to answer any of my questions. I started his program January of 2014 and changes in my energy level and body started within a month. I am 43 and have NEVER looked better. I have friends that still ask me what I did to change my body…..my answer is Gabe with Holy Fit. If you are looking for a way to look and feel better I highly recommend Gabe. He is professional and has a high level of accountability. The program is easy to follow and delivers true sustainable results. Every question I have asked, whether it was diet, health related, or exercise technique was answered completely an in a clear and concise way. His knowledge in fitness and diet has not only made be fitter person, but has also made me a better group fitness instructor.


Randy Powell


Tony & Randy

Before & After


Hello, my name is Tony Aguilar, I am 47 years old and a proud member of the Holy Fit program. I have known Gabriel Lagunas for quite some time and finally my partner and I decided to join his innovative program, Holy Fit.


Oh my God, this was the best decision we have ever made. Not only does Gabe share his expertise in the sport, he also recommends special meals and recipes to help you reach your goals. As a designer, my schedule fluctuates throughout the day, so going to the gym at the same time not always happens.


One of the best features Holy Fit offers is the online program; this allows you to communicate with Gabe throughout the day as well as obtain his workouts; very ideal for those with busy schedules. Through this feature, you can ask him questions and get his feedback within minutes so there was never a time when you feel alone. Another feature that worked for us was the couples program, Gabriel works with both of you with the workouts, diet and monitors the progress through pics and regular "weigh-ins"; it may sound a little intense but its SO worth it!! After doing Holy Fit for a while, you start developing a lifestyle that is so much easier than one would think AND the outcome as so worth it.


This is something we learned from Gabriel Lagunas; he has a way of communicating with his clients that will motivate them to try to be the best they can be. This may sound cliche, but ask anyone who is a member and they'll tell you the same thing, Gabriel Lagunas from Holy Fit is a great trainer to have.

                                                                                                                                                         Tony Aguilar

Gabe was the only trainer that was able to get me the results I wanted. He was great at making sure my form was correct. He was also fun to be around. I highly recommend him.


Mary Flaherty

As if working out isn't intimidating enough, it was hard for me to get the courage to workout in a group setting because I felt and looked out of shape.


Thankfully, there was Gabe! His infectious smile and warm personality makes getting up for a hard work out pretty easy! Gabe's energy is infectious and I quickly forgot how self-conscious I felt and could focus on my workouts. Gabe makes the workouts challenging, with alternatives if you are dealing with an injury or still building up strength. 


No matter what your fitness level is when you start, Gabe finds the right balance to challenge you while still making you feel like the workouts are attainable. 


I would recommend people of all abilities or fitness levels to workout with Gabe. 


He is passionate and caring about everyone he works with and he will help you reach your fitness goals!