Sweet Potato & Spinach Omelet

Just like making a generic egg white omelet but stuffed with pre-roasted sweet potatoes and baby spinach instead.


  • 3/4 liquid egg whites

  • 3-ounces roasted sweet potatoes, diced

  • one handful baby spinach, torn (probably 3/4 cup)

  • hot sauce, to taste (optional)

  • garlic herb seasoning (or any blend)

  • omelet topping of choice (salsa used here)

  • nonstick cooking spray

Sweet Potatoes reheating for an Omelet

1. In a small sprayed pan, saute the sweet potatoes over medium-high heat until warm. Meanwhile, heat an omelet pan over medium, spray with nonstick spray, and add the eggs.

2. When potatoes are browning, add a handful of torn baby spinach, hot sauce, and seasoning. Continue to saute until spinach wilts. By this time, the eggs should be half-set. Spoon the potato and spinach mixture onto one half of the eggs.

3. Continue to let eggs cook until mostly set and until bottom is firm. Carefully fold the open half of the eggs over the potato and spinach mixture, then slide omelet onto serving plate. Top with salsa.

Makes one omelet:

175 calories 22 g carbs (3 g are fiber) 21 g protein 0 g fat

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