In studio personal training is designed and customized to meet each client’s goal. With individualized training, clients will have detailed instruction and direct feedback while performing exercises from their trainer to ensure client’s progress and safety. Additionally, each client will have a meal plan designed to achieve maximum results with direct interaction with trainer for guidance.     




Online personal training is designed and customized to meet each client’s specific goal. Goals are determined based on evaluation of questionnaire during orientation. Each client gains access to weekly workouts with instructional videos through the designated online application. Clients can conveniently access their workouts from a desktop or mobile device. Additionally, each client will receive a specific meal plan designed to aide clients in achieving maximum results. Client progress will be monitored through weekly check-ins and evaluated based on activity level through the online application.  



Holy Fit trainers believe in educating clients on the fundamentals and values of eating nutritiously dense foods to maximize overall health and performance. Each meal plan is customized and designed specifically to meet each client’s health and fitness goals. 


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